Batman: Wayne Family Adventures – Webtoon Strip

Heidi MacDonald, at The (Comics) Beat, reviews the new comic strip(?) Batman:
Wayne Family Adventures that debuted today on the vertical Webtoon platform.

As reported earlier, the first Webtoon/DC collaboration debuted this morning, and unsurprisingly, it’s Batman. Specifically Batman: Wayne Family Adventures, by CRC Payne, Maria Li, Lan Ma, Starbite, Jean Kim and Keilamel Sibal. 

The strip has already created a lot of buzz on social media…and on the Webtoon app, where it has nearly 70,000 subscriptions after less than three hours live on the Webtoon app and site.

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Your humble reporter already zipped through the three strips on the browser version, and it was the first Batman comic I finished reading in…several years. The story involves Duke “The Signal” Thomas arriving at Wayne Manor to begin living with the nest of lunatics known as the Batman family – Tim, Jason, Damian, Stephanie…Alfred…the whole dysfunctional gang is here and I know that because every time a characters was introduced there was a helpful ID caption explaining everything about them.

In short, as far as I can tell from my advanced age, it’s an excellent introduction to the world of Batman with lots of humor while still being true to the feeling of the world.

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And remember it is only 10 days until Batman Day!