Sunday Surprise Guest Appearances

It’s not unusual for comic strip characters to make cameo appearances in other strips.
But this one surprised me.
Frank Cho’s Liberty Meadows (1997 – 2001) was known for featuring other characters in his strip.

Look who showed up in the Liberty Meadows Sunday rerun today:

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I think I got most of the comic book reprints, but don’t remember this one.

Doug Marlette’s The Reverend Will B. Dunn from Kudzu (1981 – 2007) in a classic pose.

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And yes, though it is hard to read Frank gave “apologies to Doug Marlette” in the gutter between the last two panels. Maybe you can see it better here from the Detroit Free Press of September 12, 1999.

It brought back memories.


I like the idea that it has been YOU that has been the guest star in
The Sunday Phantom over the past half year as The Mysterious Visitor.

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In the comments of today’s The Phantom Axe-Grinder makes this suggestion:

Wait– is each of us the Visitor?? The ones who come to the Deep Woods and nose silently around… the watchers from beyond the fourth wall… who step into the story and see themselves, if only for an odd moment, in the boots of the Ghost Who Walks???

It’s as good an idea as any for a six month story that has no denouement.


Now, a few words from Jim Scancarelli and Mike Thompson.

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