Comic Books by Maria Scrivan and Stephan Pastis

Greenwich Time has a brief item about local cartoonist Maria Scrivan:

A new book from Greenwich native and author/cartoonist Maria Scrivan called “Absolutely Nat” will be available on Sept. 21. The book, inspired by her childhood growing up in Greenwich and attending Central Middle School, is her third middle grade graphic novel for Scholastic. Her trilogy — “Nat Enough,” “Forget Me Nat” and “Absolutely Nat” — will also be available in a three-box set on Sept. 21. For more info on the author, go to

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From the author of the “Pearls Before Swine” comic strip and New York Times bestselling Timmy Failure series comes a laugh-out-loud, heartwarming, full-color graphic novel series about a quirky town—just right for young readers starting to read longer books! 

Writer’s Digest interviews Stephan Pastis on creating his first graphic novel.

And so I tried my hand at a graphic novel—which I had never tried before. And I loved doing it. And I wanted it to look a bit amateurish graphically—so I drew it on very cheap copy paper with a pen that bled.

On the process of writing a graphic novel:

Yes, that doing an entire book (as opposed to a book that’s mostly text like Timmy Failure) is a lot of work. More than I was expecting. And then you have to color everything.

But it’s also more rewarding in a way. It’s fun to see the story come to life visually like that.

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