Scrawls is the Cartoonist, Not the Art Style


[I]f you were looking for a name for a cartoonist, you couldn’t do much better than Scrawls.

And that’s exactly how Sam C. Rawls signed his editorial cartoons and his comic strip—he was one of those rara avis who does both— and every syllable is exactly the truth, no fictional make-believe in sight.

But before Scrawls started cartooning for a living, he wandered around a little, dabbling in journalism and sports reporting.

RCHarvey profiles SCRawls as his latest Hare Tonic for The Comics Journal.

SCRAWLS was born May 30, 1940 in Clarksdale, Mississippi, “deep in the heart of God’s country,” as he put it.

Hmmm, I got April 30, 1940 as Samuel Claude Rawls birthdate.
I’ll need to do more research.