The GoComics List – An Update (Una Actualización)

It has been a while since we last mentioned the cuts to the GoComics list.
Now seems a good time to do an update since Paul Berge has brought up new additions.

Paul noticed that GoComics added Lalo Alcaraz en Español to their main list. But it turns out that is only part of it.  Recently they have transferred their entire Spanish language lineup over to the main site. That added 34 comics to the list that they had been thinning out.

Most of the Spanish entries are English language comic strips translated, but there a few that are not. Aaggghhhh and Tutelandia seem to be of Spanish language origins (or not North American at least). And Gaturra is a new comic to GoComics en Español, added this year.

It has been almost a year since we listed the comic strips that have been dropped from the site, either by the creator or by GoComics. So here’s a list of comics that no longer have a berth at the website since our last update.

Ask a Cat; Baby Trump; The Bent Pinky;Brain Squirts; Bushy Tales; Ken Catalino; Cheap Thrills Cuisine; Connie to the Wonnie; Tom Eagan; Edge of Adventure; Gnome Syndicate; GoComics Fan Art; How to Cat; HUBRIS; Human Call; Jim’s Journal; Joe Vanilla; Just Say Uncle; The Last Mechanical Monster; The Lefty Bosco Picture Show; Magnificatz; Mom’s Cancer; My Cage: New and Old; The Norm; Pinkerton; Pirate Mike; Pop Culture Shock Therapy; Promises, Promises; The Quixote Syndrome;Sheldon; Shoe Cabbage; Shutterbug Follies; Speechless; Sticky Comics; TOBY; Tough Town; Trivquiz; Webcomic Name; Whyatt Cartoon; Winston.

If I’m reading my notes correctly Pirate Mike was the last strip to be dropped (July 30) and that was Brad Perri’s decision. Nothing has been dropped since then.

I think we have listed the strips and panels that have been added in the past year, but some have been in a post not tied to “the GoComics list.” So here are the added strips:

Bozo; Buckles; Al Goodwyn; Studio Jantze; Mannequin on the Moon; Petunia & Dre; Salt n Pepper; and the aforementioned Gaturra. Some of those you may have failed to add to your “Comics I Follow” list. Now add 34 comic strips “en Español.”

disclosure: As noted before The Daily Cartoonist and GoComics are hermanos y hermanas.


UPDATE (August 25)

Since I’m here deleting a comment I will added something I forgot the first time around.

GoComics/AMS earlier this year let the Comics Sherpa page go fallow.
Only a few of the nearly 200 comics were still updating regularly.
The Wayback Machine will show the last lineup of the site.

10 thoughts on “The GoComics List – An Update (Una Actualización)

  1. Since you mention mine (“Mom’s Cancer” and “Last Mechanical Monster”), just want to go on the record that dropping them from GoComics was a mutual decision I supported entirely, and in the case of “Monster” requested myself.

    As you know, “Mom’s Cancer” was a complete work with no new episodes forthcoming, so GoComics ran the whole thing several times and then it seemed right to retire it. It found a whole new audience I was very happy with. With “Monster,” I asked them to stop running it in advance of it being published as a graphic novel from Abrams in early 2022.

    In all cases, the GoComics folks were terrific, considerate, responsive and professional. I can’t speak for any other GoComics cartoonists, but no complaints from me. Would work with them again anytime!

  2. In the case of “Ask a Cat”, it was GoComics who opted not to renew my contract and drop the strip, although considering I stopped drawing new strips in December 2019, followed subsequently reruns of my other comics, I can see why they didn’t feel the need to continue the strip.

    In any case, I have two books collecting most of the strips, and have done two animated shorts based on the comic, so there are still places where you can continue experiencing the comic.

  3. I am new on commenting here.
    One strip that was saved – partially because of a postcard campaign(?) – is the fantastic Frog Applause. It is my favorite strip. I wonder whatever happened to the postcards sent in. Is there any news to whatever happened to the supposed fan support compositions?

  4. I, for one, would be very interested to see the kinds of appeals sent by FrogApplause readers to John Glynn at GoComics. Some of her readers, self excepted, are quite ingenious in their own right. I wonder if Go Comics has allowed her to see those testaments to her fans’ loyalty (and creativity).

  5. Let us forever celebrate the fact that Teresa Burritt’s good and cool comic strip, “Frog Applause,” was granted a reprieve, and allowed to remain on GoComics.

    So many other bad things happened on this timeline. Had Frog Applause been canceled, I would have left for the Barenstein Bears universe and not looked back.

  6. Bozo and Mannequin on the Moon are both good, though I still feel this is a net loss.

    You could also add Ask a Portly Syndicate Person to the deletions, but that one might be a little more understandable.

  7. I am grateful that Frog Applause was saved from the axe by virtue of a robust response from its fans. I think it would be very good of GoComics to release the many cards and letters that were sent to John Glynn pleading for its preservation.

  8. I too am thrilled that the very loyal fans of Frog Applause raised enough of a ruckus that their favorite comic strip was saved from GoComics’s purges. We look forward to many, many years of future Frog Applauses. The physical cards sent GoComics in support of FA might make a fine exhibit at some point, or at least a keepsake for the FA’s creator.

  9. “Howard’sMyHero” comment has been deleted. I appreciate the admiration Frog Applause fans have for Teresa but, as mentioned up thread, real names are heartily encouraged. Two aliases (which may or may not be the same person) on the same subject, which wasn’t part of the original post, has pushed me to delete the last pseudonymous comment.

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