This Week’s Short Form Comics

Today’s Bottomliners as a juxtaposition to Mike’s Candorville take today.

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This week began a road trip
and ended in the destination.

© Mark Anderson; Bill Whitehead


A political animal? (It’s funny ’cause its true dept.)

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Suspense isn’t just for continuity strips anymore. This week in Drabble and Baldo.

© Kevin Fagan; Baldo Partnership


Ch-ch-ch-changes. I wasn’t the only one to notice Tuesday’s Sally Forth.

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Jen’s look really stood out and artist Jim Keefe explained in the comments:

Trying it out on some of the newer characters as I’m looking to mix things up a little after eight years on the strip. Baby steps, I know. 😉


Marmaduke and Moderately Confused same day synchronicity.

Marmaduke © UFS; Moderately Confused © Jeff Stahler


Impressive aggressive coloring to go with this week’s Rip Haywire violence.

© Dan Thompson


Back to Mike’s Short Takes – it was a different Man Overboard that struck my fancy this week.

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