Facebook Suspends Clay Jones Over Taliban Toon

Clay Jones yesterday:

Side note: This cartoon has already got me banned on Facebook for three days.
                  Yes, the appeal is in.


From Clay Jones Twitter feed

where he also admits to his crimes:

Clay Jones Facebook page, where others are posting the cartoon over and over.


6 thoughts on “Facebook Suspends Clay Jones Over Taliban Toon

  1. Kill Facebook and Twitter. There, problem solved for most of what ails civilization today.

  2. Rules are good. Rules imposed by a bot that seem arbitrary in both content and execution are awful.

    I just got suspended from Twitter for saying that not requiring masks in school was suicidal. They somehow decided that that was encouraging suicide.

  3. Why oh why do the Woke Social Justice Police keep silencing right-wing conservative Republican cartoonists like this? It’s so unfair.

    P.S.: /sarcasm/

  4. In my days as a college political cartoonist, I stuck to local subjects. After a student was killed because of bad wiring in the stage, they made some cosmetic fixes and announced that it was okay, so I did a cartoon of a Frankenstein’s monster with a smiley face mask being regarded skeptically by a Drama person.

    Somehow, though, the side-by-side thing eluded me. I have to say, it would have been better. Next time.

  5. I suspect Clay was suspended because somebody snitched, while De Adder and Ramirez haven’t attracted that level of trolls among their followers.

    Once somebody snitches, FB’s immediate response seems to be to act without review, and then they don’t appear to process appeals in a timely manner or with a great deal of thought.

    Incidentally, I’ve seen enough smiley face new-improved Taliban cartoons now. Not as bad as the Saigon helicopter cartoons, but enough is enough.

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