Jen Sorensen Autobiographical Profile

In college I started reading underground comics by Robert Crumb and Peter Bagge, and I was exposed to Matt Groening’s Life in Hell and Roz Chast and Tom Tomorrow for the first time. I actually wrote my senior thesis about a womens’ underground comics collective called the Twisted Sisters. One of my favorite cartoonists from this group was the awesomely funky Leslie Sternbergh, who I had the pleasure of befriending years later.

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Alt-weeklies were just the place to be. I decided, well, I should start a weekly strip. That seemed like a way to get your work published regularly. So I started a weekly strip at the end of 1998. It’s now been 21 years that I’ve been doing it regularly.

The Nib Turns the stage over to Greetings From the Wasteland contributor Jen Sorensen.

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  1. I first came across Jen Sorensen’s work in Action Girl comics, which probably predated her alt-weekly strip.

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