Roast Cartoonist – Fitz on a Spit

From Blog for Arizona:

David Fitzsimmons is the cartoonist for the Arizona Daily Star. He will be roasted by former politicians Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild, and District 2 Pima County Supervisor Dan Eckstrom. I also know personally stand up comic attorney Nancy Stanley and former Tucson Citizen videographer Daniel Buckley who are evidently involved. Fundraiser for Dr. V Project,, fundraising to honor Dr. Alfredo Valenzuela with a bronze statue and scholarships in his name.

The Fitz on a Spit Facebook page.


David Fitzsimmons talks of taking and returning fire:

The organizer, my former friend, teacher and comedian Dave “Tocayo” Membrila thinks roasts are more fun, “than a good old fashioned public stoning. But since sticks and stones can break your bones it’s far better to let words hurt you.”

I’m going to be roasted by a lineup of playground bullies, back-stabbers, traitors, kiss-and-tell hacks and a former Tucson mayor on Aug. 22. They had better be good because I get the last word and I’ve been polishing my teeth with a metal file. Why anyone would want to roast such a kindly, feeble and doddering Tucsonan — a saint who wouldn’t hurt a tarantula — is beyond me. Try your best, Bobby Rich, Rothschild, Marty Bishop, Elena Sanchez and the rest of your mob. Insults can’t hurt me. My hide’s thicker than a Trump donor’s skull.