Sandusky and Norwalk Papers Join for Weekender

The Sandusky Register (Erie County Ohio) and The Norwalk Reflector (Huron County Ohio), both members of the Ogden Newspapers family, will share the same Weekender (Saturday/Sunday) edition.

The start of the 2021 high school football season also will be the kickoff for a new combined Weekender newspaper.

“This will be an expanded weekend product for our readers with the addition of a full community section covering Huron and Erie counties,” said Ron Waite, the group publisher with Ogden Newspapers.

Executive Editor Matt Westerhold wrote of the changes for The Sanduskey Register and, with a slight change in wording for The Norwalk Register:

With the ever-changing landscape of the news media industry, newspapers must find ways to provide a wider range of coverage to customers. Combining the weekend editions of the Norwalk Reflector and the Sandusky Register was a natural step toward that goal.

“We will be able to cover prep sports better with a later deadline,” Waite said. “Our game coverage week-in and week-out has been stellar through the years, but sometimes we’ve been forced to post game results online and not in print because of earlier deadlines.”

Comic strips are mentioned thus the notice here.

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For The Register:

Register readers will see a change in the comic strip lineup starting Aug. 21. Say hello to “Garfield,” “Hi & Lois” and “For Better or Worse,” popular family comic strips and longtime features in the Reflector. “Frazz,” “Lola” and “Pearls Before Swine,” from the Register’s lineup are being discontinued.

Frazz, Lola, and Pearls Before Swine were added to the Sandusky paper five years ago (2016). Garfield and For Better or For Worse had at one time run in The Register before being dropped some time in the not-too-distant past. The dropped strips have an average age of 21 years, while the “new” strips first appeared an average of 51 years ago.

The Reflector’s mention of comic strips sounds as if Sunday color comics will be an introduction:

It also will be packed full of fun, with both the Saturday and Sunday New York Times crossword puzzle, considered the best such puzzle in history. There also will be a section with our color comics, our daily comics and puzzles, puzzles, puzzles, puzzles.

The color comics and Parade Magazine will be new for Reflector readers…

We have no list of the current comics lineup for either paper.