Cartoonist Barbara Dale is On A Roll

If “the medium is the message,” what’s that say about Barbara Dale‘s latest canvas?

What did you do during the pandemic? One local cartoonist has quite the answer.

Barbara Dale used the materials she had at hand to chronicle a year none of us will ever forget — and the materials at hand just happened to be — toilet paper rolls.


Dale spent her alone time primarily in her Baltimore studio. You may have seen her work: The Stanley Family Comic Strip, Dale Cards, merchandise and the list goes on. But her latest creation came early in 2020 after a bad car accident.

“And I was kinda in a fog and I came up into the studio,” Dale said. She spotted a bin of toilet paper tubes. “Pulled them all out on the floor and said, ‘What form does covid take’ and it became a moment, moment, moment, endless succession of moments.”

Nearly 200 moments — each tube documenting a moment in a year where everything was topsy turvy.

WJZ-TV features Barbara in a wacky segment about her unique output.