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Meditation and mind control – not others’ minds, your own.

Lion’s Roar (“Buddhist Wisdom for Our Time”) takes note of Dan Piraro‘s Buddhist tilt.

But meditation is not just fodder for Piraro’s jokes. It’s fodder for our real lives, our reality, his included. Hence his post last week, in which he wrote about open-mindedness, how we perceive reality, and how mindfulness and meditation can help.

Quoting from Dan’s recent Bizaro blog about meditation:

Meditation is not religious and it is not thinking with your eyes closed. It is learning how to step back and train your consciousness to watch what your mind does. You don’t think anything, you pay attention to what your brain is thinking without your having asked it to. Eventually, this practice allows you to stop it from doing that and when that happens, you begin to experience moments very differently.

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And Dan expanded on his thoughts in his post from this past weekend:

There is a concept in eastern philosophies that pain and suffering are different things: pain is a physical act, suffering is a mental process. Put simply, pain is what happens to us, suffering is what we do with it. And, for those unfamiliar with the term, “dharma” is also from eastern philosophy and refers to the nature of reality.


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  1. I very much appreciate this website and the opportunity to experience different points of view, and all thru a medium I so thoroughly enjoy; cartooning and cartoonists. Posts like this and others, the ones I disagree with, are, as stated by Mr. Pirarro, part of the reality of life, that we are all different. All points of view need to be given a platform and be recognised. Forgive my Snow flake moment.

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