She’s a Black Magic Woman

In the early days of ingratiating himself into the inner circle of King Arthur’s Court
Hal Foster’s Prince Valiant had become squire to Sir Gawain,
he of the brave soul and roving eye.

Once upon a time (Spring 1938 of the KFS Era) a wounded Gawain was kidnapped by the evil sorceress Morgan Le Fey, whose intention was for Gawain to become her consort. Though she was beautiful Gawain was hesitant to perform the role as previous lovers, once Morgan had become bored or displeased with them, had ended up fertilizing the marshes. (Gawain’s reputation leads us to believe displeasure would come before boredom.)

Prince Valiant, being faithful to Sir Gawain, rushes heroically to save him,
only to end up in the dungeon of Morgan Le Fey’s Dolorous Garde.


This can all be read in the highly recommended Prince Valiant Volume One: 1937-1938.

Spoiler Alert!

Through Val’s ingenuity, and with the help of Merlin,
Sir Gawain is rescued from the clutches of Morgan Le Fey.
Leaving Gawain to return to his life and his loves.

This brings us to the current times (Summer 2021 of the KFS Era).

Prince Valiant is on a leisurely journey back to Camelot after his latest adventure:

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Is the mysterious figure, clad in green and yellow, Morgan Le Fey intent on exacting revenge?

Only time, and Mark Schultz and Thomas Yeates, can tell.

A Tale of Sword and Sorcery seems inevitable.


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  1. Prince Valiant is amazing – it’s been so consistently good for so long.

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