Chris Foote – RIP

Cartoonist Chris Foote has passed away.

Christopher Bailey (Chris) Foote
August 4, 1958 – July 11, 2021

cartoonist, illustrator


From the obituary:

Chris graduated from Minnetonka High School, the University of Minnesota, and Atelier School of Fine Art. His educational life was exemplary. He excelled academically in all his studies with credit going to his natural God-given intellect, artistic & creative skills, and quest for knowledge . . . despite his God-given spirit of prankstering.

Chris was a creative and accomplished artist. He illustrated and published a weekly comic for kids, Doodles, featured in comic sections of papers across the country. He also mastered fine art paintings and sketches in more serious veins.



From his LinkedIn Page:

Owner – Modern Design June 1991 – present
Owner – Minnesota Posters – Present
Cartoonist and Writer – Creators Syndicate – Present 

Along with his commercial and advertising assignments Chris was a gag cartoonist.

In 2012 he joined Steve Sack in creating the syndicated Doodles fun/puzzle page.
In 2020 Chris became the sole cartoonist of the page.

Last year Chris talked to The Daily Cartoonist about his cartooning and Doodles:

I spent many years doing freelance cartooning for General Mills and other manufacturers (my cartoons appeared on most of Big G’s kid’s cereal boxes at one time or another).  As I recall, Steve stumbled across some cartoons I’d uploaded to, a website run by the Walker Art Center here in Minnesota to feature local artists, and he felt my style might be appropriate for his feature (Craig was leaving to focus on other things at the time).  Steve very generously offered me half the strip and we went from there, with me spending much of the first year or two struggling to match the legendary quality of his work.

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From Chris’s website is more about his career:

My cartoons, illustrations and gag panels have appeared in a variety of popular magazines and trade publications, in ads and direct mail, on cereal boxes and snack packages, in children’s educational materials, and on television spots.

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  1. I wonder who will take over the Doodles strip after Chris Foote passed away.

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