A New Yorker Cartoonist in Connecticut

© Geoffrey Kloske and Barry Blitt

Canadian-born Barry Blitt came to New York in the 1990s to pursue a career as an illustrator. While he had been working in Canada, he felt the move to the big city would further his exposure. And indeed it did. In addition to countless prizes and accolades, in 2020 he was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for political cartooning. The Roxbury resident has contributed more than 80 covers to “The New Yorker,” including the famous Obama fist bump cover, as well as many depicting Trump.

photo by Angie Silverstein

When did the first big break come that made you feel you were really a professional?

I was getting work published in Toronto and made a couple of trips into New York. I took my portfolio to Chris Curry at “The New Yorker.” It all just sort of happened organically. I’m not a good businessman and I don’t promote myself particularly well. It’s best I don’t talk to anybody lest I alienate myself.

Connecticut Magazine interviews Barry Blitt (via The Stamford Advocate).

© Barry Blitt