Sports Cartoons – NFL and MLB and NHL

National Football League’s Indianapolis Colts threw some shade at the Philadelphia Eagles
with a 4th of July comic strip posted on the Colts website.

© Indianapolis Colts/NFL

Panel four shows coach Frank Reich rejecting quarterback Carson Wentz’s cheesesteak offering,
both were formerly with the Philadelphia Eagles.
Panel five shows Carson dumping the Philly delicacy on the ground.

WPVI – Philadelphia covers the slight.

The cartoonist/caricaturist initialed the last panel, which seems to read “BC” (or “RZ” or…). Unfortunately we can’t find any place identifying the artist.


But it’s Major League Baseball season right now and The Sports Daily takes a shot
at the New York Yankees 2021 ranking with the help of sports cartoonist Will O’Toole

The Yankees are the most disappointing team in baseball, and it doesn’t look like they’ll be in the postseason this year.

It really is hard to imagine, given that they have the fifth-largest payroll in baseball, $145 million, but the results simply aren’t there.

They’re 41-41, and are looking more like the subpar teams of the ’70s than the ones we’re used to seeing dominate on the diamond.

© Will O’Toole 

It’s the middle of summer, a perfect time for ice hockey. The Stanley Cup finals are playing as this is being typed. Tampa Bay Lightning vs. the Montreal Canadiens are the teams,
and in Montreal The Habs are a religion.

© Terry Mosher/The Montreal Gazette

Cartoonist Terry Mosher, or Aislin as he’s known, has drawn the highs and lows of the Montreal Canadiens for decades.

The current playoff run is no exception and to mark the historic occasion, he looked back on more than 50 years of covering the Habs in Montreal with CTV News.

Aislin is interviewed on cartooning The Habs.