Ziggy Returns to Cincinnati

Ziggy ran in The Cincinnati Post until that paper ceased to exist in 2007.

Finally The Cincinnati Enquirer has picked up the comic to run in place of Mutts as that feature goes on an extended sabbatical. Tom Wilson, Jr. is an area resident so it is a bit surprising it took so long for The Enquirer to pick it up.

The Enguirer interviewed Ohio native Tom II as it prepares to run his panel.

Q: Was there a seamless transition between your dad and you doing “Ziggy?”

A: It was seamless, because we worked together so much, through phone, fax, in person, ideas back and forth. It was years in the making. I tried to calculate this. I started doing all the drawing in ‘84 or ‘85, so I’ve actually been doing it 37 years or something like that.

Q: You draw and write all of the content?

A: One hundred percent, working out of my home here.

Read the Tom’s interview and Ziggy’s introduction here.


Switching a horizontal strip out for a vertical panel doesn’t look to be as hard as it seems.
Below part of a recent Enquirer comics page. See the easy fix?