This Week’s Whatnots

Dennis the Menace Gets Royal Stamp Treatment

The Beano comic is celebrating its 70th anniversary and to mark the milestone Royal Mail has released 10 special stamps using pictures from the comic strip.

Dennis was first brought to life in a pencil sketch in January 1951 by Scottish illustrator and cartoonist David Law along with his pet dog and partner in crime, Gnasher, with Dennis making his debut in The Beano later that year.

From The Scotsman and from the BBC.


Sparkle Plenty – RIP

Sparkle Plenty, a Playboy bunny with a comic strip name who made national headlines when she entered a hotly contested congressional race in New Mexico, died June 19. She was 77.

Plenty wore bell-bottoms, frequented hippie hangouts and drove a 1952 Chevy truck with sunflower upholstery.

Plenty was among five candidates who sought the [1972] Democratic congressional nomination for the state’s northern district. Her campaign focused on environmental issues, such as land and water protection, but she also opposed the war in Vietnam and called for total amnesty for conscientious objectors.

The Santa Fe New Mexican obituary.

“Put a little Sparkle in Congress” and “We all need Plenty.”


Looney Tunes Cartoons Season Two Trailer

HBO Max released the trailer of Looney Tunes Cartoons season two and the comeback has left fans excited. The new season of the well-loved cartoon series will premiere on 8 July on HBO Max and includes the renowned Looney Tunes cast, including Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and Tweety Bird. Season two of the hit Warner Bros. Animation series will have 10 all-new episodes.

AnimationXpress carries the news.


Mocker Scott Adams Not Happy Being Mockee

One year ago today:

Scott Adams, the Trump-loving cartoonist and creator of “Dilbert,” predicted one year ago that American conservatives would be hunted down in the streets if Joe Biden won the presidency.

As of this writing, however, Adams is still alive and posting right-wing tweets about critical race theory and Black Lives Matters.

Additionally, so far President Joe Biden has led no mass murder campaigns against Republicans —

Raw Story recalled the past and Adams didn’t take it well.


Harold and the Purple Crayon – 7 Facts

The best children’s books communicate bigger ideas about the world in the guise of something frivolous. Few have done it better than Harold and the Purple Crayon, author Crockett Johnson’s 1955 illustrated book that marries concepts of philosophy with fantasy.

When Johnson submitted the manuscript to Harold and the Purple Crayon to Harper & Row children’s book editor Ursula Nordstrom, her reaction was tepid.

For more on Harold and the Purple Crayon keep reading.