Post-Dispatch Comic Artists Profiles 1951/52

Beginning in the Fall of 1951 until the Spring of 1952 The St. Louis Post-Dispatch ran a series of profiles illustrated by cartoonists who were appearing on their daily and Sunday pages.

Over two dozen comic artists contributed original art, caricatures, and photos for the project which ran as a third-page in the Sunday color comics section. Not every cartoonist of the P-D comic strips was represented, but these were: Ernie Bushmiller, Marvin Bradley and Frank Edgington, Chic Young, Ham Fisher, George Lichty, Hal Foster, Jimmy Hatlo, Dick Brooks, Walt Kelly, Al Capp, Wm. Galbraith Crawford, Lee Falk and Phil Davis, Dave Breger, Gus Arriola, Gene Ahern, Elmer Woggon and Allen Saunders, Ed Reed, Cecil Jensen, Alfred Andriola, Jo Fischer, Mort Walker, Dan Spiegle, Charles Kuhn, Roy Crane, Clyde Lamb, Frank Godwin, Bernard “Seeg” Segal, and Alex Raymond.

There is a little fudging going on since not all the cartoonists were drawing their creations at the time, and at least a few probably had the assistants/ghosts draw the vignettes supplied for the project. Also there was some occasional playing with the facts to make for a better story.

As mentioned these appeared in the Sunday section along side the color funnies, our samples here are from the black and white archives supplied by The only color sample we found was Ernie Bushmiller’s contribution as seen in How to Read Nancy, shown here to give an idea how they originally appeared.

Now, in the order they appeared in The Post-Dispatch, the show.
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3 thoughts on “Post-Dispatch Comic Artists Profiles 1951/52

  1. These are great.. Especially Hatlo. Loved TDIE. Went from advertising to comics. Another guy did too. Thanks.

  2. So was Ernie Bushmiller right-handed or left-handed?

    I ink from right to left because I’m left-handed and so as not to smudge india ink. In his profile, Bushmiller consistently drew himself right-handed, so I’m guessing he must have had another reason for drawing his cartoons from the final panel backward.

  3. Foxo Reardon’s (my Dad) comic strip,” Bozo,” now a daily feature with GoComics, was carried within the pages of the St. Louis Globe-Democrat during that same time period.

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