The King is Dead/Long Live the King (of the Jungle)

A couple months ago we reported that the Tarzan comic strip, after ninety years,
would no longer be appearing in newspapers.

After 92 years the Tarzan comic strip will no longer be offered as a syndicated comic strip.
Andrews McMeel Syndication (AMS) has confirmed that it will halt distribution on June 20, 2021.

That remains true.

We ended the report questioning the status of the comic strip on GoComics:

It is unknown if the 25 year archive will remain up at GoComics

That seems to have been settled with ERB and AMS agreeing not only to keep the archive but to expand it by continuing to run Tarzan* online at Gocomics. As revealed in the comments of the Friday (June 18) Tarzan GoComics page the website responded to inquiries from fan Dave1960:

“Hello Daveglass1960,

Tarzan will no longer be syndicated to print newspapers by our company,
however, it will remain on [emphasis added].”

*On June 21 GoComics began re-presenting the daily Tarzan strips from the first one archived at their site (January 1, 1996). So the archive will not be expanded, though it will remain.

So we will still be able to enjoy Tarzan daily and Sunday at GoComics.

Elsewhere on the web
ERB Inc. offers a host of Burroughs’ characters adapted to the Sunday comic strip format.

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