Davies, Ohanian, Bui Get Sigma Delta Chi Awards

The Society of Professional Journalists
announced the recipients
of the 2020 Sigma Delta Chi Awards for excellence in journalism on Saturday,
among them are awards for editorial cartoons created in 2020.


Matt Davies won for newspapers with a circulation of 100,000+ (Newsday).

Judges statement:

Davies makes his point with a whisper rather than a shout and thus he stood out. Plus, he’s so damn funny.



Nancy Ohanian won for newspapers with circulation under 100,000.

“The winner,” announced the Society, “is freelancer Nancy Ohanian for ‘The Trump Years,’ which the judges found unique and powerful. At one glance, you see the message but you can’t look away.”

Crooks and Liars are celebrating Nancy’s win.


The Society also took notice of Covid-19 reporting and in that editorial cartooning category Invulnerable was recognized as exceptional.

The awards can be viewed online.


One thought on “Davies, Ohanian, Bui Get Sigma Delta Chi Awards

  1. is it my eyes playing tricks on me or is Nancy Ohanian’s work a mashup/collage of photoshopped photos and other images instead of her own hand-crafted artwork? I thought some of the pieces of some of her images appeared a little ‘too perfect’ to be a part of the overall piece. Wasn’t sure until I ran across an image or two that clearly showed pixelation……and I kinda doubt that was ‘created’ on purpose. The pieces she entered and are on her web site are really cool and eye-catching – but they don’t appear to be all her own work. Just curious.

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