The Sunday (and Surrounding) Funnies

Go Fish

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That’s a screenshot of my GoComics reel this morning.
Bottom Liners and Bound and Gagged came alphabetically one after the other.



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In this case Vic Lee decided to run the above as a Saturday panel and as the following Sunday panel this weekend. (hat tip Mark Jackson) He might have separated the two Pardon My Planet gags by a week or two, or maybe he had two gags for the same cartoon and let his fans know it without trying to hoodwink them.


Wee Willie Winkie


If you never got the Kitchen Sink book of that included the complete run of Lyonel Feininger‘s Sunday comic strip masterpiece Wee Willie Winkie’s World you’re in luck. Peter Maresca and GoComics are running the complete series at Peter’s Origins of the Sunday Comics page.

Yeah, that Kitchen Sink book came from underground comix cartoonist Denis Kitchen who, back in the day, did comic fans favors by publishing classic comics in book form.
Including the complete Alex Raymond Flash Gordon.


So it was a delightful surprise when Denis returned to cartooning and Flash Gordon with this Sunday’s Flash Forward.

Denis © Denis Kitchen; Flash Gordon/Flash Forward © King Features Syndicate

Cheers to King Features and Tea for making it happen!


Gasoline Alley also sends us on a nostalgia trip.

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And let’s thank Mannequin on the Moon and Eyebeam for some laughs:

© Ian Boothby & Pia Guerra; © Sam Hurt


Mike mentioned Prince Valiant in yesterday’s CSotD, but Prince Valiant historian Brian Kane just told us that the Oregonian/Oregon Live is putting the comic strip up in a large vertical full page format!

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