Israel-Palestine Cartoon Sends Clay Jones to Facebook Jail

Clay Jones used his Twitter account to let his Facebook followers know that he had been suspended because the Facebook Artificial Intelligence doesn’t recognize satire and humor.


Clay Jones’ Facebook account was back on the streets this morning.

2 thoughts on “Israel-Palestine Cartoon Sends Clay Jones to Facebook Jail

  1. I don’t know if it was all due to an algorithm. I was suspended for 24 hours a few weeks ago, which only lasted a few minutes as I won my appeal and received an apology. This time, I never heard anything back.
    I do believe that if I was initially suspended due to an algorithm, or even a quick report from someone disliking the cartoon, that an actual breathing human being backed up the decision.

    The question here is: Was it the “death to Israel,” the “death to Palestine,” or mere “the death to?”

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