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‘This is Fine’ Dog Comes to King Features

K. C. Green, creator of the internationally famed “this is fine” internet meme, is taking his humor to King Features with the new  Funny Online Animals comic strip.

© KC Green

KFS editor Tea Fougner introduces the new comic:

Wow! I’m so thrilled to introduce you to our newest members of the Kingdom, the FUNNY ONLINE ANIMALS by KC Green! 

KC Green is one of our favorite web cartoonists. You may remember many of these furry, feathery, and froggy friends from one of KC’s previous comics, Gunshow. Now he’s going to be bringing Funny Online Animals to us every Tuesday and Thursday. 

Even if you’re not familiar with Gunshow, if you’re on social media, you’ve probably met Question Hound, AKA the “this is fine dog.” 

Michael Cavna and The Washington Post have more details about the new strip.

Creator KC Green has freshly cast Question Hound into a gray-scale universe for his strip “Funny Online Animals,” which beginning Tuesday will be distributed to King Features Syndicate digital clients and through its site — through which, Green hopes, more people will see his work and come to know the artist behind the meme. Such papers as the San Francisco Chronicle, Toronto Star and Chicago Tribune will carry the ironic twice-a-week comic, which brims with meta-humor.

Does that mean the strip is seeing print in newspapers?

At Comics Beat Avery Kaplan interviews KC Green.

KAPLAN: Can you tell us a little bit about making the jump from webcomic to syndication? How has this changed your cartooning experience (if it has)?

GREEN: The jump has just happened and so far it feels about the same! I was pretty self-motivated to make comics and post them online, even if the comic I was making changed after a year or two. The one thing that’s new to deal at least is having an external Editor on your side (rather than the internal editor/critic all cartoonist and artist types can have). It’s still nice to know I can learn a thing or two from them and they help me when I mess up!


Funny Online Animals debuts online with four dozen strips in the archives.


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