Creators Syndicate & Northside Sun Online Allies

The Northside Sun of Jackson, Mississippi has partnered with Creators Syndicate to supply comics and cartoons to its readers on the newspaper’s website. It is a unique webpage format that I haven’t seen with other newspapers. Curious if it is the paper’s design or the syndicate’s.

Newspapers and comic strips have been intertwined for ages. In fact, newspaper comic strips appeared in North America in the late 19th century.

We decided that we would like to continue that tradition by using our websites, serving as a landing page for dozens of entertaining series.

Our goal is to highlight everything we think that our readers would enjoy, from famous staples recognized the world-over to smaller, more niche segments in the medium.

A major benefit from not requiring printing space (a limited resource for each publication) is that we can share daily updates for EVERY comic we offer.

Although it is not mentioned the comics offered are only Creators Syndicate features.


The weekly newspaper is updating the comics every day.

You can check them out every morning when you’re eating breakfast, taking your lunch break, or whenever you manage to find time.

There is no need to worry about missing a day. We offer a complete backlog of each strip, allowing you to see the dozens (and eventually thousands) of older strips.

Currently the archive goes back to March 17, 2021.
We don’t know if that is when the partnership began.

The Northside Sun is also offering the full slate of Creators’ editorial cartoonists.

Whereas a comic strip is for any entertaining/humerous element, political cartoons hold an extremely topical angle. Most of them tend to focus on politics (but not all of them).

To make browsing them easier, we’ve sorted all of them into categories, based solely on political affiliation.

You can use these filters to sort through the large list of daily political cartoons. 

The newspaper issued a FAQ about the new online comics service.