Emmy Interviews Brian Crane, Pickles Cartoonist

Here are the questions [Emmy] asked Brian:

  • Where did you come up with the name ‘Pickles’ for your comic strip?
  • Tell me about Opal and Earl.
  • How did you get major newspapers to publish your comic strip and keep publishing it after all these years?
  • How do you come with ideas for a new comic every single day?
  • Do you have a favorite comic you’ve created?
  • What do you like to do when you aren’t drawing?
  • What have you learned over the years doing your comic strip?

Do you like dill or sweet pickles better?
What was your favorite part about growing up in Idaho?
Do you have any advice for me?

Young journalist Emmy interviews an somewhat older Brian Crane about Pickles.

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One thought on “Emmy Interviews Brian Crane, Pickles Cartoonist

  1. What a heartwarming concept on several levels.
    I’m glad I heard this.

    You go, girl!

    In my daily-ish feed I chose Pickles over Crankshaft. Hits my funny bone!

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