Didja Notice?

© Don Asmussen

The last new Bad Reporter was in March. Hope Don Asmussen is okay.


© King Features Syndicate

Bruce Tinsley has increased his weekly share of Mallard Fillmore since commenting on the Gannett cancelling of the strip. He had been doing the Sunday page and two weekday strips, but since the week of March 21, 2021 he has done the Sunday page and three weekday strips (Monday thru Wednesday).


© Paul Szep

It’s been a year since Paul Szep pretty much stepped down as an editorial cartoonist. But late last Summer Paul began a three times a week gag panel, Today’s Szep, that occasionally has content of a political nature


© Steve Conley

Steve Conley, an early webcomic creator, has a Kickstarter going to collect his Astounding Space Thrills webcomic in book form. Looks like it will be done.


© Far Side Inc.

Seems Gary Larson added some New Stuff to his The Far Side page last week.


art © Jane McIlvaine and Huahua Cui; The New Yorker © Condé Nast

Tomer Hanuka‘s 3rd year illustration students at the School of Visual Arts came up with post-pandemic New Yorker magazine covers.
Tomer shared them with Mike Lynch and Mike shares them with us.


© Jan Carr & Juana Medina and Derek Desierto

Former National Cartoonists Society scholarship winners Juana Medina and Derek Desierto have new books coming out soon. If you are a young college student artist you may want to apply to the annual Jay Kennedy Scholarship.