CagleCartoons Dips Toe Into the NFT Market

Daryl Cagle, this weekend, is entering the world of cryptocurrency.

I’m a newspaper editorial cartoonist. The decline of newspapers has dragged my profession down … Cartoonists are on the front lines of journalism — but we struggle to pay the rent.

Daryl anticipates a new revenue source for cartoonists.

Crazy sales figures and global media attention have artists of all kinds talking about NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), a new, online phenomenon that enables artists to sell rights to their work directly to art collectors and fans. Simply put: NFTs are efficient contracts that guarantee value in scarcity — for me, only one NFT per cartoon — and prove provenance on an unhackable blockchain online ledger. I find myself asking: Could NFTs save the editorial cartooning profession?

Daryl will cautiously enter the new market.

A new and innovative NFT platform called is ready to put this to the test with an ambitious plan to build a marketplace for editorial cartoon NFTs. Portion is taking the first step with a “drop” of my own editorial cartoons. We’ll test the waters with very modest, fixed prices to start — and we’ll see how it goes!

Read Daryl’s column where he explains his intentions and his hopes.

© Daryl Cagle

On Saturday, April 17th [2021], at 2:00pm Eastern time I’ll have my first drop of NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) of my TEN of my favorite editorial cartoons. I think this will be the first NFT drop by any editorial cartoonist and there is a lot of potential in  NFTs for our troubled profession. See my page with the soon-to-drop cartoons at: without prices, prior to the Saturday drop/release date. At 2:00pm Eastern time on Saturday, modest prices will appear (not auctions), in the crypto currency Etherium. I know that’s complex. Each is an edition of ONE, so there will be only ONE NFT of each of any of my cartoons. We’ll see what happens.

Daryl’s column showing the ten offerings with a short descriptive blurb.

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