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The Bottom Ten Warner Bros. Cartoons

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Instead of listing his Top Ten animation expert Jerry Beck lists his least favorite.

Of the over 1000 Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies shorts – I honestly could find something of value in 990 of them. Yes, even the ones pre-1936 and the ones post-1964.

That said, there are a handful I could do without. For various reasons, I don’t like them. They could burn in a nitrate fire and… well, maybe I wouldn’t go that far.

Jerry Beck’s list of lousy cartoons from Warner Bros.


This is NOT Bill Finger!

Mark Evanier is right. Do a Google Images search for Bill Finger and that Bob Kanigher photo is the one that appears more than any other.

Mark has made a request:

If you have a website that has anything to do with comic books or Batman or which just gets a lot of hits from the “spiders” that crawl the web collecting images for search engines, please copy the image below and post it on your site. Do not change the name of it.

Put it up and if enough folks do this, it will be seen among the first images when someone searches for a photo of Bill Finger, the most neglected man in comics. Thank you.


For the record, This IS Bill Finger!

Above is the photo used on the Kitchen Sink Comic Creators trading card set,
by way of the Batman Fandom Wiki.


Syndicate Founder is Best of Los Angeles


Rick Newcombe, acclaimed founder and chairman of Creators Syndicate, as well as author of “The Magic of Lifting Weights”, wins Best of Los Angeles Award – “Best Health and Fitness Book – 2021”, according to Aurora DeRose, award coordinator for the Best of Los Angeles Award community.

EIN Presswire carries the story.


The Esky

From left: 1946, 1988, 2008 © Hearst Magazine Media

With The Pulitzers delayed a couple months here are some Esky Awards.



Dealer and comics historian Robert Beerbohm has gathered many intriguing items over the years and, on occasion, he posts them to his Platinum Era Comics & Periodicals Facebook page.

Published and edited by Thurston Gentry, 404 West 20th St New York 11, NY. This is number B-13 which makes me wonder if there was an equal A number series. Thurston Gentry examines print markets for cartoons, comics, which covers varying areas each issue. Printed via mimeo thin paper one side per sheet.

Check out this and more.


GoComics and Comics Kingdom Analytics


Similar Web tracks Market Share Stats and Traffic Rankings.
Here are their pages for GoComics and for Comics Kingdom.
Overall Manga and Anime rules the animation and comics category.



Jean Henri Gaston Giraud