Mark Trail at 75 is Next Gen

In the Spring of 1946 Ed Dodd introduced the world to the “handsome hero and outdoor man.”

Mark Trail was a nature-loving he-man of the old school, and he remained in that conservative mold from Ed Dodd and Tom Hill through Jack Elrod and up to James Allen.

And then, twenty years into the new millenium, the Lost Forest paths diverged, and a new creator
“took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”

Make no mistake, this is not your Grandpa’s (or Dad’s) Mark Trail, literally or figuratively.

Jules Rivera has taken the 20th Century Man, kicking and screaming, into The New World.

Though some customs endure.

Anyway … through 75 years past cartoonists have never celebrated the anniversaries.

April 15, 1971 – twenty-five years:

April 15, 1996 – fifty years:

Just another day in the life.

Which is my long way of saying that Jules will again break tradition tomorrow.

Check in with Mark Trail on April 11, 2021 for a very special Sunday page.

Mark Trail is © North America Syndicate (KFS)