Sunday and Monday Funnies

Wimpy is not the only thing that shrunk

The Sunday Popeye on Comics Kingdom is down to two tiers for some reason (permanent reduction?). So here’s the missing top tier to the March 28, 2021 half page:

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Digression – Can we still call the full strip a half page, since the half page formats, when seen at all, are printed as a tenth of an 11″ wide broadsheet?


Should have put some distance

So you think of another gag while writing the first one. But maybe put it on a different Sunday. Below are Joe Martin’s Mr. Boffo and Willy ‘n’ Ethel strips from March 28.

© Joe Martin

Observation – We’ve noticed this same(ish) gag/same day with other studios that produce more than one strip, so not just Joe.




Nancy, under the authorship of Olivia Jaimes, is famous for being “meta,” and Sunday’s installment doesn’t disappoint. Unexpected was Rabbits Against Magic, creator Jonathan Lemon opines on realism in comics.

© Jonathon Lemon; UFS

Lemon, of course, also draws another comic strip that may be relevant. Though the interaction with prehistory seems slight these days.


The Classic Flash Gordon

Not to disparage the cartoony interpretations, which I do enjoy, but this latest Flash Forward episode was great on all levels.

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Classic four-finger comic art by Massimo Gamberi with a panel that looks like a Dan Barry tribute, script by comics historian Alberto Becattini referencing another old Flash Gordon artist, and it’s probably my imagination but is that Killer Kane, from a different sci-fi strip, partially hidden in the upper right of the opening panel? Plus action and suspense!


Having background fun

Terry Beatty is sneaking stuff in the backgrounds of Rex Morgan. A bit yesterday, more so today.

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But who is that on the far right of today’s panel three?


Going Retro?

Something I have long longed for with Prince Valiant may be happening in Gasoline Alley!

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Roger Returns?

Roger Mahoney left Andy Capp last year. Has he returned or is it a rerun?

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Mallard Maltreatment

Bruce Tinsley and Mallard Fillmore on Gannett again.

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Laying the Line on the Ladies

From 2002 Carol Lay celebrates Women’s History Month with some influences.

© Carol Lay