Two Bee Oar Knot Too Bea

Mostly not to be.

James Allen shows his original vision for the September 25, 2016 Sunday Mark Trail page.
We pair it with the published version.

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Topps has cancelled a Garbage Pail Kids Shammy Award sticker card. From meaww:

The Shammy Awards is currently under fire for a violent portrayal of BTS in their new collectible range. While some BTS ARMY claimed that the portrayal of BTS with “bruises” is indicative of the unfair treatment they received from the Recording Academy, others have said that with the rising hate crimes against Asians and Asian-Americans, portraying BTS as “BTS Bruisers” is in bad taste and shouldn’t be allowed to continue.

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Dr. Seuss parody comic book covers pulled.

Doctor Seuss books have been in the headlines lately. The decision of the Seuss estate to pull a handful of the more unpopular Seuss books over issues with how they portrayed Black or Asian people has been represented by some bad actors as the banning or cancellation of all Dr Seuss books. Rather than the usual shifting of what is or is not acceptable in books, that has been happening for centuries.

But it also brought new eyes to the Dynamite Seuss variant covers for DIE-Namite …

© Dynamite/Jacob Edgar; Dr. Seuss Enterprises

Bleeding Cool informs us.


Rejected Detective Comics cover as Action Comics #1 ashcan cover.

A rare ashcan copy of Action Comics No. 1 from 1937 that birthed Superman is making its auction debut this April, with an estimated value north of $500,000.

The artwork, a blade-wielding ghoul, by The Shadow and pre-Batman Detective Comics illustrator Craig Flessel, was rejected for the cover of Detective No. 2. However, the logo used on this Action Comics ashcan is the one still on file with the U.S. Trademark and Patent Office, which received DC’s submission on Jan. 28, 1938.

Below: The Ashcan, Detective Comics #2 (1937), and Action Comics #1 (1938).

© DC Comics

Barrons has the details about the rare comic book and the auction.


New Amazing Spider-Man comic strips not to be.

Two years ago we were told that the reruns of the Spider-Man comic strip would be temporary and new adventures were coming soon. That now seems to have been an empty promise. With the end of the 2016 Antman/Egghead story coming to a close, the 2016/17 Rocket Racoon team-up will begin. The newspaper strip seems fated to endless Summer reruns.

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Comics Sherpa has disappeared from The Web.

The long-rumored take-down of Comics Sherpa has happened.
The site was a place for budding cartoonists to showcase their skills.

The Comics Sherpa service from lets aspiring cartoonists (or established cartoonists with a new idea) tap into the huge and loyal readership on for feedback and exposure.

The website is no longer active, which is not to say it cannot be accessed.

Comics Sherpa © Andrews McMeel; characters © their various owners


The Big Picture.

Lennie Peterson has announced that his (now web only) The Big Picture comic strip will end on Sunday, April 4, 2021. Since March 14 Lennie has been giving an entertaining graphic autobiography that blends into a history of the strip.

© Lennie Peterson


A Sweet End for Buckles.

David Gilbert‘s Buckles comes to an end today with a charming finale.

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  1. Not only did they change the woman’s swimsuit in Mark Trail, but they fixed a couple of egregious typos as well. Either one is far superior to what they replaced the strip with, though.

    Spider-Man reminds me of the gravedigger scene in Hamlet. “Alas, poor Yorick,” and all that.

  2. Seriously – why could they show buff Mark with his shirt off, but they couldn’t show Cherry in a bikini?

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