Ann Telnaes is Adored by All of Us Not Just Jason

Her style is this beautiful marriage of fierce, incisive political commentary with slick, purposeful linework that always reminded me of the Warner Bros house style (Jones, Clampett, Avery) and Al Hirschfeld. Sure enough, she had studied animation at CalArts…

Not only was Ann’s work so unique as to stand out against the slew of MacNelly and Oliphant replicas, but her comic voice was so well-defined…

Ann’s use of spot colour, solid blacks or a creative composition to draw the eye was always such a nice contrast to the sea of cross-hatching in every other newspaper at the time.

© Tribune Media Services/Ann Telnaes

Ann was —and still is— always innovating, pushing the boundaries of what an editorial cartoon could be.

She has been experimenting with making full use of new technologies online, introducing looping gif animation in her editorial cartoons, and figuring out the most useful way to utilise social media to share her work.

Jason Chatfield uses his weekly Artist Spotlight to proclaim his adoration of Ann Telnaes.