Magazine Cartoonist Profiles – A Chronicles Post

Magazine cartoonists Michael Maslin and Mike Lynch (with Dick Buchanan) have gone back to the days when magazine cartooning was popular and ubiquitous.

Yesterday, while having a blast looking through ancient issues of The New Yorker to talk about today, I ran across a rarity: a cartoonist I didn’t recall.

Michael Maslin (re)discovers Alan Foster, a New Yorker cartoonist from the 1930s.

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Read Maslin’s preliminary findings at Ink Spill.


Then Mike Lynch and Dick Buchanan present a profile of magazine cartoonist Martha Blanchard who flourished from the 1940s through the 1960s.

Martha Blanchard’s cartoons appeared in all of the top markets. She was also a book illustrator. A member of the Art Students League and the National Cartoonists Society, she was a fixture in the New York City post-war cartooning circles.

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The profile and a gallery at the Mike Lynch Cartoons blog.