Rhythms & Rhymes with Price & Piccolo

A Case For Pencils recently got Hilary Price and Rina Piccolo, famous for Rhymes With Orange and other cartooning assignments, to respond to their survey.

First is Hilary.

Tool I wish I could use better: I’d like to get more comfortable with a chainsaw… but did you mean drawing tools? In that case: a fountain pen. And I’d like to get better at doing a grey wash on cartoons, so I’m learning how to do that with the Procreate app on the iPad. But a tree fell behind my house in the last storm, and I really do need to feel confident with a chainsaw.

© Hilary B. Price


Now it’s Rina.

Misc: Here’s something random that I’ve learned over the years. In the past, when people would ask me what I was doing over the weekend, I’d say, “I’m working.” To which people would reply, “oh, sorry you have to work,” or “you work too hard.” What they don’t get is that I LIKE spending time creating stuff, and often hate doing the other things people normally associate with weekends. Well, I grew a little, and now take another tack. Now when people ask what I’m doing, I give them specifics — without using the word “work”:  “This weekend I’m going to attempt to paint a watercolor of an underwater scene.” Or I might say, “I’m going to try to draw a holiday village scene with gingerbread men and snowmen.” When I say it that way, the response is always great. People even encourage me on, and wish me luck, and say, ‘have fun!’”

© Condé Nast

Of course it is recommended you surf the A Case for Pencils site as dozens and dozens of cartoonists have responded. Recently Jane shared the survey she sends to the them:

© Jane Mattimoe