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What?! Gays on the Comics Page??!!

Leading into Valentine’s Day the Judge Parker comic strip had two people profess love for each other:

That was a moral affront to one person who let writer Francisco Marciuliano know:

Marciuliano’s response earned a…

Read the thread on Ces’s Twitter feed.


Around the time the outraged reader started reading Judge Parker he must not have seen that famous Doonesbury strip that introduced an openly gay character to newspaper readers almost fifty years ago.

Doonesbury © Garry B. Trudeau

Or maybe he was one of the many editors who forbid that in their newspapers:


Back at the ranch there was a bow to conformity when the Valentine’s Day kiss came:

Judge Parker © North America Syndicate (KFS)


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#1 Jonathan Lemon
@ 11:38 pm

A similar development occurred in Sunday’s Little Oop! Love is in the air ;-)

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