The Al Jaffee Project – Audience Participation

Sam Viviano has devised a wonderful project for the world.

Next month (March 13) is Al Jaffee‘s 100th birthday
and Sam has an idea that involves very little effort on our part:

In normal times, we’d throw a huge party, and invite all fifty billion of Al’s closest friends to attend. Unfortunately, this is not a normal year and that sort of mass mingling is not permitted. Still, I think Al should know how many people love and admire him and would like to celebrate this special event. To that end, I am inviting everyone to make, buy or steal a card wishing Al a Happy 100th Birthday.

Sam has a couple suggestions:

The address is in the graphic accompanying this post. While your card should get there as long as you have the correct box number (1602) and zip code (10025), it’s probably a good idea to include my name under Jaffee’s in the address, as shown in the picture. Please put your full name and return address on the envelope, just as Jack Syracuse has done in the example.

Also make sure you sign your card with your full name. This will ensure that Al will know exactly who sent it, and that the card and envelope can be reunited if they get separated after opening.

A final plea:

Al’s birthday is on Saturday, March 13, so please do everything you can to make sure your greeting arrives well before that date.

Thanks to Sam for taking the lead on this
and thanks to all who will participate.

One thought on “The Al Jaffee Project – Audience Participation

  1. I am a BIG fan of your work! Best wishes to you for another 100 years! Many years ago, you inspired my to co-author an article for my college newspaper, “Snappy Answers to Stupid Music Questions” (I’m a professional pianist.) My co-author and I laughed so hard we were literally falling under the table (“channeling” your books as inspiration, of course). Also, in the opening “Acknowledgments” page of my new critical edition of Clementi’s Op. 36 Sonatinas (published in 2017 by Abundant Silence), I could not resist mentioning you thusly:
    “I credit Al Jaffee with writing the all-time best acknowledgment zinger in 1968, when he penned the following dedication in his book, MAD’s Al Jaffee Spews Out Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions: ‘To myself, without whose inspired and tireless efforts this book would not have been possible.’ But alas, my extraordinary modesty (exceeded only by my abounding humility) prevents me from following suit, so, alternatively, I tip my hat to the following:” ….whereupon I proceeded with the proper acknowledgments. That paragraph was completely superfluous, but I had fun putting it there anyway, if for no other reason than to set my edition apart from other terribly stuffy “scholarly” editions. Anyway, thanks so much for giving me countless chuckles through my childhood and beyond!

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