Lum and Abner, 10 Years and 500 Strips


Now let’s get up-to-date. Last week:

Bringing us to February 7, 2021 and #500.

From June 5, 2011 – the first strip:

© Chester Lauck, Jr. & Donnie Pitchford

If you don’t subscribe to The Mena Star, which runs the weekly strip, you will find Lum and Abner at Webtoons where the latest episodes can be read along with some of the earliest. Lum and Abner by Donnie Pitchford can also be read from episode #160 on at Comics Sherpa.


2 thoughts on “Lum and Abner, 10 Years and 500 Strips

  1. I did want to say that I’m impressed how well Pitchford’s comic strip captures the voice of the original radio series. I can imagine the actors performing this without it feeling off, and that’s hard to accomplish.

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