“Humor Me” by Gary Varvel Debuts Saturday

Gary Varvel and Creators Syndicate are offering a new feature beginning February 6, 2021.

Humor Me is a caption contest offered weekly (intended for Saturdays, but editors being editors… ). The twist here is that each local newspaper will pick the winning gag lines from local submissions. That makes for a quicker turn around than other like minded features, and a closer connection to readers.

Creators has a brief description

“Humor Me” is political cartoonist Gary Varvel’s captionless comic feature. Gary draws the strips. Readers submit their captions, and newspaper editors pick the winners. Enjoy the laugh!

and a few samples at their Humor Me page.

© Gary Varvel and Creators Syndicate

Gary and Creators have had a long association with editorial cartoons and comic panels. Another association with Creators is Arcamax – if you can’t get your local paper to carry it, you can see the Humor Me feature there.

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Humor Me
by Gary Varvel
February 6, 2021 –
weekly (Saturday) panel
Creators Syndicate


to Gary and Alissa for humoring me and my questions.




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