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Portland Press Herald Calls for Comics Vote

The Portland (Maine) Press Herald may add Non Sequitur and Curtis to their comics page.
In order to do that they need to remove two comic strips.

By popular demand, we are considering bringing back Non Sequitur, and we plan to introduce Curtis, a highly regarded strip featuring a predominantly African-American cast. To make room for them, we need to drop two comic strips. But we’re not going to decide which comics to cut – you are. We get plenty of feedback about comics that you, our readers, want us to cancel, and this time we’re going to hand the decision over to you.

Non Sequitur © Wiley Ink; Curtis © King Features Syndicate

Choices for voters to remove from the paper are
Mark Trail
Beetle Bailey
Get Fuzzy
Red and Rover
Pooch Cafe
Rhymes with Orange
The Other Coast

Voting is limited to subscribers.


Elsewhere the Butler (Pa.) Eagle has dropped the new Mark Trail stories
and replaced that strip with reprinted Tiger comics.

Community Comments

#1 Darryl Heine
@ 2:09 pm

I bet Get Fuzzy in 100% rerun mode daily and Sunday gets the most votes to be dropped from the Portland, Maine newspaper.

#2 Rich Furman
@ 2:15 pm

If only I had a chance to get Get Fuzzy out of the Star Tribune!

#3 Roland Gobeil
@ 9:03 am

Get Fuzzy and Mark Trail

#4 mark keegan
@ 10:16 am

I would vote to eliminate the new Mark Trail and rhymes with orange.

#5 Debra Sawtelle
@ 10:39 am

Mark Trail and Get Fuzzy should go!

#6 Themia Raymond
@ 11:51 am

Mark Trail, Get Fuzzy, or Dilbert could be eliminated is my vote.

#7 Mose Price
@ 12:26 pm

I vote for Mark Trail and Macanudo. The Trail strip is so poorly drawn now that I find it hard to distinguish between same gender characters and the story lines are incomprehensible.

Macanudo has never been the least bit amusing since it replaced Non Sequitur in the first place. I thought dropping Non Sequitur was a colossal mistake and am happy it will be carried again.

#8 Kate Lisa
@ 1:17 pm

Drop Mark Trail and Get Fuzzy. Please!

#9 Anne MCyr
@ 1:46 pm

Pooch Cafe and Macanudo Thank You

#10 Rita Smith
@ 8:09 am

Drop Mark Trail Dilbert. Stay safe and healthy ?

#11 Ron Adams
@ 8:47 am

Drop Macanudo & Mark Trail

#12 P.J. Terryberry
@ 9:44 am

I say add Macanudo again. So that it’s on the page twice.

#13 Harry Spiliopoulos
@ 10:03 am

Get rid of Macundo and the New Mark Trail.

#14 Pamela Sharp
@ 10:18 am

get rid of Mark trail and either Macando or Pooch Cafe

#15 Floyd Hastings
@ 10:45 am

My favorite comics are :

Red and Rover

So many of the others are just plain dumb, especially the new Mark Trail!!!!

#16 Denny Lien
@ 11:05 am

As opinions, these may be interesting, but I wonder if all of the people offering same realize this site is only reporting the news item and is not collecting or tabulating votes for the Portland (Maine) newspaper that is the subject of the story — and in any
case, as the story noted: “Voting is limited to subscribers.”

#17 Kathleen Anderson
@ 3:03 pm

Please drop Get Fuzzy and Mark Trail

#18 Dottie Stackpole
@ 11:38 pm

Mark Trail has got to be #1 to go!!!! What on earth happened to it? Either lose Macanudo or Get Fuzzy as my second choice.

#19 Roger Benoit
@ 5:44 am

OMG. Thought you would never ask. Get rid of Mark Trail, I doubt if anyone would want to keep it. Also Macundo, I could never understand it and not a bit “funny”.

#20 Robert Slaktowicz
@ 7:39 am

Please remove Mark Trail and Macanudo

#21 Judith Malette
@ 11:09 am

Macanudo and Pooch Cafe

#22 Jerri Maclean
@ 11:17 am

Cancel Get Fuzzy and Mark Trail

#23 Margaret Bruns
@ 11:30 am

It looks like from the posts that the new Mark Trail is just terrible. I used to love Mark Trail, Andy the dog, and the father and Cherry! Can’t we have them back at Lost Mountain?? And Macundo, sometimes I get it and smile. Sometimes! Pooch cafe makes no sense. Since when, even in comics, do pets rule the household?I love Red and Rover. And Zits is wonderful!

#24 Jim Healy
@ 1:35 pm

I could list at least half to go but I agree that Mark Trail and Get Fuzzy are right up there!

#25 Lucille caron
@ 4:46 pm

Please get rid of Mark trail and macanudo

#26 larry bailey
@ 8:47 am

mark trail + fuzzy

#27 David Margolis-Pineo
@ 10:31 am

Macanudo and Pooch Cafe

#28 James McCleave
@ 11:55 am

We subscribe to the Maine Sunday Telegram.

You could remove all the comics listed as choices.

#29 Rachel A. Bell
@ 8:21 pm

Definitely Mark Trail – It’s horrible!

#30 Paul Allen
@ 9:11 am

Please delete Mark Trail and Macanudo from your papers.
Thank you.

#31 Theodore L. Davis
@ 10:49 am

Please eliminate Mark Trails, Pooch Cafe, Get Fuzzy,
Macanudo and more if needed.

#32 joseph casper
@ 11:25 am

I vote for Mark Trail and Macanudo. to be removed. The new Mark Trail is poorly drawn and plot is incomprehensible.

#33 Ellen Richmond
@ 12:33 pm

Please get rid of Mark Trail! Macanudo would be my second choice. Fortunately, The Bangor Daily has Non Sequiter has satisfied my need for that one until you folks reinstate it.

#34 Christine Kimball
@ 3:24 pm

Please drop Macanudo and Mark Trail.. Pooch Cafe is also not needed. Thank you.

#35 Robert L. McCully
@ 4:03 pm

Please eliminate the new Mark Trail. I have followed it under James Allen for years. It sometimes got pretty unrealistic, but the graphics were good. The new version under Jules Rivera is ridiculous and the art work is awful. I glance at it and move on. I could do without Rhymes with Orange, it doesn’t make much sense to me. Please keep Pearls before Swine. Some of the bad puns are hysterical.

#36 D. D. Degg
@ 5:44 pm

To clarify – The Daily Cartoonist has nothing to do with the comics poll. As Denny (comment #16) pointed out we are just reporting the news and are not associated with The Portland Press-Herald. And certainly not tabulating votes. Thank you.

#37 Marianne Lefebvre
@ 5:40 pm

Please eliminate the new Mark Trail and Get Fuzzy.

#38 Kathy E Wilson
@ 6:24 am

Get rid of Macanudo and the new Mark Trail…and Get Fuzzy

#39 faith moll
@ 7:42 am

Remove Mark Trail and Macanudo.

#40 James Taylor
@ 8:02 am

Please eliminate the new Mark Trail and Get Fuzzy.

#41 Jo Cameron
@ 10:19 am

Please dump Mark Trail, and Pooch Cafe. Also Prince Valiant from the Sunday comics.

So glad you are bringing back Non Sequitur, and will also be glad to see Curtis.

Jo Cameron

#42 John Peacock
@ 10:24 am

Please remove he awful MarkTrail and even worse Macanudo

#43 Remy StCroix
@ 12:27 pm

Get rid of the new Mark Trail and Macanudo. If possible get rid of Get Fuzzy and Rymes with Orange also. Less would still be better!

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