Gearhead Gertie Panel by Mike Smith Signs With Comics Kingdom

Beginning today Gearhead Gertie by Mike Smith is available from Comics Kingdom.

Mike Smith, the editorial cartoonist for the Las Vegas Sun, is a fan of NASCAR. In 1998 he created the weekly StockcarToon panel which was syndicated by United Feature Syndicate. At some point the panel switched to King Features Syndicate which also distributes his editorial cartoons.

It seems in 2012 StockcarToons retired from syndication, eventually showing up at The Sporting News.

On February 17, 2019, that year’s Daytona 500, Mike debuted his new creation Gearhead Gertie.

Gearhead Gertie is © Mike Smith

Now Comics Kingdom has signed on to feature the racing fanatic on a weekly basis every Thursday.
As a bit of introduction The Kingdom has set up an archive of the past year and a half of Gerties.

While Gearhead Gertie will appear on the Comics Kingdom page for online newspapers, I am unsure if the panel is being syndicated for print, though it does appear on the King Features Syndicate roster.

Earlier today KFS editor Tea Foughner interviewed Mike Smith.