Inside Sunday Funnies

Being “a bear of very little brain” I didn’t catch what Macanudo was about today. So I dug up the title panel not shown on the Comics Kingdom site which gave me the hint I needed.

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I needed no hint to get the latest Flash Forward, instantly recognizing the source that gave Peter Poplaski the inspiration for the art (and signature).

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H. G. Peter is famed for Wonder Woman, but this may be more of a Fearless Flint homage.


Like Macanudo I was lost looking for a purpose in Funky Winkerbean today..

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But a commenter explained Tom Batiuk‘s (very) inside joke.


I slept in this morning (hey! it’s Sunday). So when I got on the internets the first thing I did was read Mike Peterson’s column. I was reminded of that when came to Hagar the Horrible.

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Little Oop mirrored my thoughts when I saw that first panel. I miss Alley not being in the times of pre-history. At least the Sunday title panels consistantly gives us a look at the world of original Oop.


In an attempt to keep us confused… 
Roger Mahoney has been in the Andy Capp credit slug for the second Sunday in a row.

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The young’uns have excellent restaurant manners, despite Rubes being me to a T.

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