W. B. Park – RIP

Cartoonist and illustrator W. B. Park has passed away.

William Bryan (W.B.) Park
June 12, 1936 – January 2, 2021

author, journalist, illustrator, cartoonist

From the obituary:

Bill was a well-known international cartoonist, writer and illustrator. He opened his Park-Art Studio in Orlando in 1963. He had over 60 cartoons published in The New Yorker magazine, and his sketches graced the pages of Harpers, the Smithsonian Magazine and the Nation.

Bill’s New Yorker cartoons can be seen at the Condé Nast store.

Bill was also the artist in residence for the Litigation Journal of the American Bar Association.



In addition to his cartoons, Bill wrote six children’s books. He also traveled and wrote articles for Travel and Leisure, Saturday Review, Sports Illustrated, and many other publications.



From 1985 to 1996 Will created the syndicated panel, Off The Leash.

The W.B. Facebook page has many more cartoons, while wbpark.com spotlights his prose.


3 thoughts on “W. B. Park – RIP

  1. In the start of this article: You mispelled the last name as “Parks” instead of “Park”.

  2. Sad news. Bill and his wife, Evie, were regular fixtures at the National Cartoonists Society/FL Chapter for a few years. I had always admired his newspaper panel ‘Off The Leash,’ and was thrilled to meet the man behind the silliness at my first NCS/FL weekend. Bill was a really soft-spoken, sweet guy, and unassumingly hilarious. He had a really sensational little second -floor corner studio on toney, historic, Park Avenue in Winter Park. Way back in 1993, he asked me to help him set up and help learn to use his new Mac system with all the bells and whistles– It took weeks– computers ‘plum evaded’ him :-D. But so fun hanging out in such a gorgeous workplace, going through and scanning some of the other jaw-dropping cartoons and paintings he did for TONS of big time publications. Our lunches on Park Avenue would last hours sometimes! Sadly, the last time we were in touch was around 2010 with an occasional email note now and then…

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