The First Roundup

Take Your Daughter to Work Week in Hootin’ Holler

© King Features Syndicate

John Rose and Sarah Rose, inspired by the joint effort on their Popeye’s Cartoon Club contribution, have teamed up for a week of Barney Google and Snuffy Smith:

…when I recently created the character of Spark Plug’s cute young grandson, Li’l Sparky, Tea and I thought this would be a fun project in which to include Sarah. So next week Sarah is my guest assistant cartoonist on this special weeklong Li’l Sparky storyline! She primarily worked as the colorist and helped with the strip design.

More details from John Rose at the Comics Kingdom blog.


Comicoz Award for 2020’s Best Australian Original Comic

© Jason Chatfield

Australian Jason Chatfield was born in Australia in 1984...In 2007 he commenced writing and drawing the Australian comic strip Ginger MeggsWith the Ginger Meggs comic strip due to celebrate its centenary in 2021, we’re likely to hear/see a lot more of Jason Chatfield in the coming twelve months.

However, it’s a non-Ginger Meggs cartoon that I have selected as this year’s best. Living in New York, Jason experienced first-hand the ravages of the virus that has swept the world throughout 2020. His COVID-19 Diary is the winner of the 2020 Comicoz Award for Best Original Comic.

Read the thought process leading to Jason’s win, with a link to COVID-19 Diary.


When You Start as a 9-Year-Old Newspaper Cartoonist

© Seth MacFarlane

Seth MacFarlane has made millions of people laugh for over two decades with his hit cartoon Family Guy, but his success goes back much farther.

The talented writer actually started working as a newspaper cartoonist when he was only nine years old.

Cheatsheet tells of Seth’s first cartoon family.

By the age of 9, MacFarlane even had his first comic strip published in the local Kent Good Times Dispatch — he called it “Walter Crouton.” This was the genesis of the type of humor he would become famous for.

Howard Stern supplies images of that early comic.


Florida Man

art © Jayson Kretzer

Jayson Kretzer, the executive director of Bay Arts Alliance, was recently named the chairman of the Florida Chapter of the National Cartoonist Society. He will serve in that capacity for 2021, taking over from previous chairman Nathan Archer.

The Panama City News Herald carries the news.


It’s a Date

© Disney

[Disney] created three very special 2021 calendars just for you to print out and post on your bulletin board, fridge, or any wall that’s handy.

Download a calendar featuring Mickey & Minnie, Mickey & Pluto, or Goofy and print on cardstock or paper.

D23 is making three 2021 calendars available to fans.


Art Gallery

art © Joe Kubert

Mediascene serves as a showcase for Steranko’s work. It’s a living portfolio. Not just for his work but also for his friends. It’s a platform to display their best work, or at least strong pieces. I wonder how Steranko was able to get this level of quality out of them?

NeoText presents a large gallery of some very impressive comic art as it appeared in Jim Steranko’s Mediascene from the 1970s. (Yeah, I picked a Comixscene cover ’cause I liked it better when comics was the dominate subject matter.)