New for ’21: Mt. Pleasant Comic Strip – update

The first new comic strip for 2021 is Mt. Pleasant by Rick McKee and Kent Sligh.

Tribune Content Agency is pleased to announce the addition of comic strip Mt. Pleasant to its product line of premium content. Created by Pluggers cartoonist Rick McKee and comedy writer Kent Sligh, Mt. Pleasant will be available, daily or weekly, as of January 1, 2021.

While I have expressed doubts of the comic strip debuting on a Friday (January 1, 2020),
this message from Rick McKee’s Facebook page sure makes it sound as if it did:

Later on in that same Facebook post Rick notes that “The Chicago Tribune, Virginian-Pilot, the Orlando Sentinel, the Newport News and a bunch of suburban papers in Virginia” have signed onto the strip.

Mt. Pleasant hasn’t yet appeared among the dated strips at the TCA comics page,
nor is it among the current strips syndicated to newspapers’ webcomics pages.
The sample strips at TCA show good humor and pleasant (heh heh) art.

© McKee & Sligh

Darryl Heine, in the comments below, reports that Mt. Pleasant is in the Sunday, January 3 Chicago Tribune. Efforts to see that Sunday page led me to this notice from The Trib via PressReader:

That notice gives us two pieces of news. Mt. Pleasant is up and going,
and Maria Scriven’s Half Full is leaving Tribune Content Agency.

But I am now confident to post:

by Rick McKee and Kent Sligh
January 3, 2021 –
Tribune Content Agency

And through the kindness of Rod Beck and the Daily Dose Google Group:

6 thoughts on “New for ’21: Mt. Pleasant Comic Strip – update

  1. As of January 1-2, 2021: The Chicago Tribune hasn’t started running Mt. Pleasant in its comics pages as of yet.

  2. And now the Chicago Tribune now has it Sundays in its comic section replacing Half Full.

  3. “A news trip we hope readers will like.”

    Is this trip really necessary?

    “So much for their golden years.”

    The kids or the old folks?

  4. “. . . to be raised by their grandparents, Claude and Eunice Lutum.”

    A little Googling tells me “lutum” is Latin for soil or mud. There may be more to “Mt. Pleasant” than first meets the eye.

  5. So Half Full will end this 2021 year? The Sunday strip for it was published January 3, 2021 in the Orlando Sentinel.

  6. the writer’s bio says he basically writes “Dustin.” Does that mean Steve Kelly will have to work? Or Dustin will get the leftovers now?

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