New for ’21: Nick Anderson Switches to TCA

Beginning the week of January 3, 2020 editorial cartoonist Nick Anderson will move the distribution of his syndicated work from the blowhard city’s Washington Post Writers Group to the windy city’s Tribune Content Agency.

Pulitzer Prize winner Nick Anderson joins Tribune Content Agency’s Editorial Cartoon Service in January 2021. Anderson joins an esteemed collection of editorial cartoonists that also includes Pulitzer Prize winners David Horsey, Walt Handelsman and Joel Pett.

Anderson is an independent-minded liberal who covers politics and contemporary cultural issues in a way that connects with readers. His loose, idiosyncratic style carries with it an unconventional message with appeal.

© Nick Anderson

A Best of 2020 Gallery will give a fine look at Nick’s work.

As I tried to decide which cartoon to post here as a break in the text I couldn’t make up my mind. Each one was better than the next, and when I went back to the top that one was as good as the rest. So I picked the above by throwing a dart. Can you believe the Houston Chronicle let this guy go?