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Christmas Eve Cartoonist Chronicles-20201224

Historical Comic and Cartoon articles from the past week.

Starting with the man who created the modern Santa Claus seems appropriate.
Grunge relates The Tragic Death of Thomas Nast.


Pamela L. Travers was notoriously hard to deal with, as The Conversation notes in
Mary Shepherd: The Artist Who Brought Mary Poppins to Life.


It isn’t only us latter day comic fans who think George Herriman is The Cat’s Meow.
Animation Resources posts A Genius of the Comics Page from 1917.



Shelfdust gives some Black Comics History by taking us back to
Fitzgerald Publishing’s Fast Willie Jackson and Golden Legacy.

For a deep dive into Black Comics History get Ken Quattro’s new book.
Ken offers a kind of preview with his Tribute to Samuel Joyner.


The Jack Chick Tracts have a different distribution system than regular comic books.
Solrad examines Chickstrobution:Proliferating a Message in Images.


Milton Caniff was never bashful about drawing women. The Comics Journal presents
Michael O’Connell’s investigation into The Mystery of the Caniif Nude.


Europe Comics gives us Asterix & Obelix: The Origins.


The SatEvePost profiles one of their old contributors: The Premier Pantomime Cartoonist.

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