GOP Rep Tweets Racist Anti-Semitic Cartoon Poster

New Hampshire State Representative Dawn Johnson is apologizing after retweeting a reworked cartoon poster of a Daily Stormer racist, anti-semitic trope aimed at Georgia voters.

Representative Johnson (R-Laconia) pleaded ignorance of the cartoon’s background and of The Daily Stormer.

I regret sharing what I thought was a benign link about Georgia politics on social media. After someone added a troubling meme to my post, I soon learned that the link I shared was connected to an extremist organization and I quickly deleted it and apologized. I had no idea.

It is not hard to imagine what originally lay behind Georgia Governor Kemp’s superimposed face or what that first word was. But even so the retweet by Johnson still contained an anti-Semitic Jewish caricature.

Stories about the idiocy from United with Israel, Laconia Daily Sun, and the Brattleboro Reformer.

3 thoughts on “GOP Rep Tweets Racist Anti-Semitic Cartoon Poster

  1. Did she actually tweet the above? Then it doesn’t matter if she knew what “Daily Stormer” was. The anti-Semitic caricature and “JEWS…BAD NEWS!” absolutely screams at you.

  2. A tweet containing the words “Jews Bad News” and described by the poster as “benign” tells you all you need to know about that person.

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