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The Tao of Pig and Hammy








Pearls Before Swine © Stephan Pastis 
Over the Hedge © MFry & TLewis
Prints available via GoComics Shop
disclosure: TDC and GC owned by AMU

Community Comments

#1 Derald Porter
@ 12:40 pm

Stephen Pastis is a philosophical genius, although I’m sure he would bean me with a stuffed Rat for saying that. Rat may be my Sensei but Pig is what we really need to be in the world.

#2 Mike Corrado
@ 3:10 pm

Jesus, what a sweet collection!

#3 Brett Mount
@ 3:01 am

That last PBS is pretty sweet.

#4 Carl Laws, Jr.
@ 11:25 am

@Brett Mount, I totally agree. I read PBS every day, and I can’t believe I somehow missed that one.

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