Political Cartoonists in the News

Darrin Bell goes back almost 30 years to his old Cal Berkeley roots
with a special comic strip that takes us back nearly 2,000 years.


Apparently an excerpt from a Stan Kelly cartoon has become a popular meme.

Kelly has a very black-and-white view of the world. The color black, if you look through the cartoons, is most often symbolizing something bad. So he’s definitely got the sicko wearing a black shirt as though he’s a bad guy. Similar with black hair—Kelly likes to play up features like facial stubble, which he believes is grubby and something that only a nefarious person would have. And of course, bangs. He has all these subtle tricks of the trade to try to communicate to readers that this is someone to be afraid of.

Ward Sutton talks to Slate about his Stan Kelly persona.


Matt Wuerker thinks the image of Uncle Sam needs reimagining.


R. C. Harvey offers some background.


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